What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Portfolio Assessment?

What is the benefit of diversifying your portfolio?

It is one way to balance risk and reward in your investment portfolio by diversifying your assets.

Diversification is the practice of spreading your investments around so that your exposure to any one type of asset is limited.

This practice is designed to help reduce the volatility of your portfolio over time..

Why is reflection so important in a portfolio?

Integral to your production of a portfolio is the process of reflection. Reflection is not an ‘add-on’ piece to your learning process, portfolio, or teaching practice. … Successful reflection enables self-awareness, personal and professional growth and improved teaching practices.

What are the disadvantages of performance based assessment?

Disadvantages: Some disadvantages of performance based tests that are given to our children can include limitations to the teacher such as teaching specifically to the test and not allowing the students to learn outside of the test material as well as limiting the value of the test (“What Should”).

What are the disadvantages of assessment?

Disadvantages: Measures relatively superficial knowledge or learning. Assessments are always important in schools to check the knowledge and skills of the students and to know the effectiveness of the teaching. Assessments gives an idea to the instructors and teachers that what areas needed to be focussed next.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using portfolios?

Disadvantages of Using Portfolio Assessment  It may be seen as less reliable or fair than more quantitative evaluations.  Having to develop one’s individualized criteria can be difficult or unfamiliar at first.  It can be very time consuming for teachers to organize and evaluate the content of portfolios.

What is the main purpose of portfolio assessment?

A portfolio assessment provides an opportunity for a student to reflect on their learning, to self assess, and to formulate a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning beyond a simple surface explanation.

Why are portfolios important for students?

Portfolios can encourage students to take more ownership and responsibility over the learning process. … Because portfolios document learning growth over time, they can help students reflect on where they started a course, how they developed, and where they ended up at the conclusion of the school year.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of performance assessments?

One major disadvantage of performance assessment procedures is that they are more time-consuming for the teacher and the student. For which of the following is it probably best to evaluate the process or procedure a student used instead of the product produced? The student solves a complex mathematics problem.

What are the advantages of portfolio assessment?

Portfolio assessment offers a variety of benefits, including:A Record of a Child’s Ongoing Development Over Time. … Information to Help You Design Instruction. … Children’s Involvement in Assessing Their Own Work. … A Method of Communication. … GETTING STARTED.Before you begin, there are some practicalities to consider.More items…

What are the benefits of having a diversified portfolio?

A diversified portfolio minimizes the overall risk associated with the portfolio. Since investment is made across different asset classes and sectors, the overall impact of market volatility comes down. Owning investments across different funds ensures that industry-specific and enterprise-specific risks are low.

What should a portfolio include?

What Should My Portfolio Contain?Table of Contents.Career and professional development goals, tailored for each interviewer.Work philosophy statement; personal mission statement.List of areas of expertise.Works in progress (activities and projects)Samples of your best work from academic, employment, and internship settings.More items…

What are the pros and cons of portfolio assessment?

The Pros and Cons of an Assessment PortfolioPro: Individual Talents. Every student in a class has individual talents; some students may thrive in the area of composition while others do better with audiovisual presentations. … Pro: Progressive Assessment. Teachers often have to demonstrate student growth in a course. … Con: Grading Challenges. … Con: Timing Issues.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using performance based assessments?

Performance assessments often rely on a specific skill set of the student, such as creativity, flexibility or a willingness to engage in public speaking. Performance-based assessments have disadvantages for students who may not feel overly creative or willing to present their knowledge in front of a large group.

What is the importance of having a portfolio?

Portfolios are a great way to demonstrate the competencies you would list on a resume or talk about in an interview — they allow you to show and not just tell. During a job search, the portfolio showcases your work to potential employers. It presents evidence of your relevant skills and abilities.

What are the benefits of portfolio?

10 Benefits of Project Portfolio ManagementImproved project selection process. … Better view of the big picture. … Focus on objective business goals. … Collaboration over competition. … More efficient use of resources. … More accurate project performance data. … Increased timely project deliveries. … Decreased organizational risk.More items…•